how do I say this line

An actor recently asked for my advice on one of his auditions. He was struggling with a particular line and asked, “how do I say this line and should I cough before or after the line?” How Do I Say This Line? He was thinking about it all wrong, in my opinion. If you are in a […]

inexpensive home audition taping studio

When it comes to self-taping auditions, it goes without saying that your performance MUST be compelling.  You must also submit recorded auditions with AMAZING quality.  Casting directors need to be able to SEE and HEAR you clearly without distractions.  You are competing with dozens (hundreds!) of other actors for the same role, so your submission […]

Why I’m An Actor and Other Personal Baggage Recently, someone asked me why I chose to become an actor.  It’s hard work and there is tons of rejection.  It’s almost impossible to make a living and you never know when your next gig is coming.  There are SO MANY other careers that are much easier, […]

Someone recently asked me, “should I memorize lines for an audition?”  As someone who once owned an audition taping service, I’ve seen literally hundereds of auditions. I would guess that during nearly half of those auditions, an actor would stop and break character because they messed up a line. Bam! They’re right back in their […]

How to get an agent and do you need one?  A Facebook friend and aspiring actor messaged me back and forth about a role he wanted to audition for. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have an agent and I let him know that, for a higher profile role, his chances were slim. “How can I get a agent? […]

So, I got a message from another young actor asking for my advice about the industry. His question was, “Do actors need a survival job?” Well, that seems pretty obvious. Yes. The harsh reality is that very few people are able to make a living doing nothing but acting, so you need to have a […]

Extra Work Does Not Belong on a Resume (Or Social Media) A very “fresh” actor recently asked me if it would be acceptable to list extra work on his resume. I told him “no” extra work does not belong on a resume and that only principal roles belong on a professional resume. He then proceeded […]